Thrunite TH30, 3320lm, 170m Expand

Thrunite TH30, 3320lm, 170m

Thrunite Thrunite



SUPER BRIGHT AND BRILLIANT LEDS - TH30 V2 rechargeable LED headlamp adopts the 2nd generation of CREE XHP70 LED to make output up to 3320 lumens and max beam distance of 170 meters, illuminate a large area like the daytime, match your ambition in the dark.

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About this item 

  • SUPER BRIGHT AND BRILLIANT LEDS - TH30 V2 rechargeable LED headlamp adopts the 2nd generation of CREE XHP70 LED to make output up to 3320 lumens and max beam distance of 170 meters, illuminate a large area like the daytime, match your ambition in the dark. 
  • EASY OPERATION AND SEVERAL BRIGHTNESS - easy-to-navigate buttons - A single on/off button allows you to operate the headlamp with just one hand, changing brightness modes from versatile modes is on the go.(Firefly/Low/Medium-low/Medium/High/Turbo/SOS/modes). 
  • FAST RECHARGEABLE AND LONG-LASTING BATTERY LIFE - Equipped with micro USB C charging port and a high power capacity rechargeable IMR battery, easy to power, either with batteries or USB C cables, and could be used for incredibly 29 days in firefly mode. 
  • LIGHTWEIGHT BUT RUGGED - Made out of aluminum alloy, the TH30 V2 headlamp weighs just 5.76 ounces(163.5g including battery), making you feel nothing while wearing it on hand.Features 1.5-meter impact-resistant, a waterproof rating of IPX8, and a dustproof system, no need to worry about dropping it or using it in extremely bad weather. 
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL USE - Whether you're going on a backpacking trip, walking the dog in the evening, or car camping with friends, a hands-free light is an essential tool and is sure to become one of your favorite gadgets. The TH30 V2 headlamp could also keep your hands free to read a map, assemble a tent, or replace a tire in the dark.

What's in the box 

  • TH30 V2 headlamp *1 
  • IMR battery *1 
  • Pocket clip *1 
  • USB-C Charging Cable *1 
  • Spare O-rings *2 
  • USB rubber plug *1
high performance led

Description and Modes 

The TH30 V2 can be used as a Headlamp /handheld EDC flashlight for its removable and stable head strap and compact size with pocket clip, the one-button switch design also provides easy one-hand operation to cycle through brightness levels and frees your hands. 

VERSATILE 7 BRIGHTNESS MODES - Intelligent Firefly(0.3 lumens) / Low(30 lumens) / Medium-Low(131 lumens) / Medium(345 lumens) / High(1256 lumens~867 lumens) / Turbo(3320 lumens~853 lumens /SOS(665 lumens) light modes, makes TH30 V2 can meet all your need at night and can survive all extreme environments, making ThruNite TH30 V2 headlamp the perfect outdoor adventure bushcraft tool for camping, hiking, cycling, indoor and outdoor activities. 

bright headlamp with pocket clip

usb c recharging cable and port

IPX-8 waterproof standard

Bright headlamp with pocket clip 

EDC use with pocket clip: TH30 V2 can be used as a Headlamp /handheld EDC flashlight for the coming removable and stable head strap and upgraded dual-direction clip. 

USB C recharging cable and port 

With a built-in USB C charging port and cable, TH30 V2 can be charged everywhere, like a charger inside the car, via power bank, or at home, making the charging of it easy to go. 

IPX8 waterproof standard 

The TH30 V2 can survive 2 meters under the water surface for 30 minutes continuously, the performance will not be affected and there is no leakage, which can work well in extremely bad rain or snow weather. 

Light Source  One High Performance LED 
Battery Source  Customized rechargeable Battery (Included) 
Max. Performance  3320 lumens 
Beam Distance  170 meters 
Mode Operation  Front Switch 
Length  4.23in/107.5mm 
Head Diameter  1.00in/25.5mm 
Body Diameter  0.94in/24mm 
Weight  5.89oz/167.2g (Including Battery) 
Material  Aluminum Alloy (main Body) 
Waterproof  IPX8 (2 meters) 

High capacity rechargeable battery

Lightweight for its size

Wide range of accessories

High capacity rechargeable battery 

The TH30 V2 (CW/NW LED) is an LED illumination outdoor gear tool powered by a single ThruNite high-performance rechargeable battery with a maximum output of 3320 lumens. 

Lightweight for its size 

  • Length: 4.23in/107.5mm
  • Head Diameter: 1.00in/25.5mm
  • Body Diameter: 0.94in/24mm
  • Weight: 5.89oz/167.2g (Including Battery)

Wide range of accessories 

  • Pocket clip *1
  • THRUNITE battery *1
  • Spare O-rings *2
  • USB rubber plug *1
  • USB-C Charging Cable *1

multi use outdoor headlamp

Founded in 2009 by a previous college dropout, now the CEO David Chen, ThruNite is an on-going dream. He dropped out to pursue his dream in south China but met all setbacks. But he kept learning and tempering himself to become an expert of LED products which he saw great potential.

When he started to fight for his dream, he named it ThruNite, which is short for “Through Night” to define the company as a business helping people living easier lives with affordable and quality products. Thus comes the famous brand motto: ThruNite, guiding you through the night.

David, the dreamer who will fight with all his life to make ThruNite an on-going dream accessible to everyone. The company’s establishment on August 6th, 2009 was the beginning of his journey. As a result, he made Thursday as ThruNite Day to remember the original intention of this business, celebrate the current success as well as a chance to communicate with the customers. This is the origin of ThruNite Thursday.


Development and Current Landscape

First established in Dongguan, Guangdong, ThruNite moved to Shenzhen, the most dynamic city in China with a vision to the whole world two years later. To cut down the cost, it attracts all talents for R&D, manufacturing, sales and service to do everything on its own and go beyond B2C to M2C.

Just as its simple but graceful product concept, ThruNite sticks to make things simple and effective. Working with the biggest online shopping platform Amazon and cooperating with the most efficient logistics systems as Amazon, Fedex, TNT and DHL, ThruNite now offers fast delivery from localized Amazon warehouses in United States, Canada, Japan, Germany, UK, France, Italy, Spain and China.

But ThruNiters will never be satisfied if one of their customers is not satisfied. Thus, overseas localization is their ambition to provide better service while continuing upgrading the products. A brand new website of multi-language and multi-currency is coming up. New products designed on the basis of high quality and affordable price are being launched every two months on average. Worry-free before-and-after-sale-service is always available at online chat or Warranty of 30 days free replacement unconditionally,Free 24 months replacement and lifetime limited warranty asking only for cost of parts and freight are sincere beliefs from ThruNiters’ confidence and proud.



ThruNite is and will always be holding fast to offer affordable quality products and satisfactory service to make your life easy. Sure there is still a lot to do though, we are on our way.


ThruNite, guiding you through the night. 

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