Reduced price! Manker MC12 Pocket Thrower Flashlight (White/Green/Red Light option) + USB Rechargeable 18650 Li-ion Battery Expand

END OF RANGE Manker MC12 Pocket Thrower Flashlight (White/Green/Red Light option) + USB Rechargeable 18650 Li-ion Battery

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Emitter: 1* OSRAM KW CSLNM1.TG (Cool White light); / 1* OSRAM KP CSLNM1.F1 (Green light); / 1* OSRAM KR CSLNM1.23 (Red light)
Battery: 1x 18650 (included one USB rechargeable 18650 battery)
Maximum output: 670 lumens (Cool White light); / 1000lumens (Green light); / 250 Lumens (Red light)
Maximum beam intensity: 105625cd (white light) 
Maximum beam distance: 650meters (Cool White light); / 750Meters (Green light); / 350Meters (Red light)
Maximum run time is up to 60 hours 
Working Voltage: 2.8-4.2V 
Driver: Most efficiency constant current circuit 
Anti-reverse battery protection
Over-discharging & over-charging protection 
Waterproof: IPX-8(2 meters under water) 
Impact resistance: 2 meters
Size: 134mm(length) x 40mm (head dia.) 
Weight: 131gram (with battery)
Accessories: Stainless steel clip *1, O-ring *1, Lanyard*1, User manual*1, USB cable *1, USB rechargeable 18650 li-ion battery *1

Brightness levels & runtime (White Light)
Low: 12lm 60hrs,
Middle: 185lm 4.75hrs,
High: 330lm 2.25hrs,
Turbo: 670-450lm 3min - 1.3hrs,
Strobe: 670lm






1. Complete press the tail switch to turn on flashlight. Another complete press on switch turns it off. Each click to circle: ' Low - Turn off - Middle - Turn off - High - Turn off - Turbo - Turn off - Strobe - Turn off - Low - Turn off' 
2. Half click to turn on one output, another half click to change next output. each half click to circle: ‘Low - Middle - High - Turbo - Strobe - Low'. When you turn on one output you want, please complete press the switch to lock this output. 
3. After you turn off flashlight and it pass less 5 seconds, you can click or half click to next output commonly. 
4. After you turn off flashlight and it pass more 5 seconds, you can click or half click to reinstate the previous output when turned on.


Manker MC12 Reviews:

Mankerlight was founded by our two flashaholics engineers who also addicted to outdoor recreation. We have experienced a lot of different flashlights and found that the Led flashlight market faced a big problem: homogeneity, similar appearance and similar circuit. So we decided to make something different and created Manker which means someone walking outside with passion and freedom in Chinese.

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Noob review

Usable light a long distance away, very economical on batteries, the user interface is not the best, but you can put the correct mode in memory and leave it till you need it, it doesn’t forget where you were. So half click until you get to the right mode, then complete a full click, switch off and that mode stays. However long you wait. So not as bad as some reviewers make it out, takes a little getting used to…

I use my Convoy c8+ For walking on farm at night and this one to scan further a field… would actually mod the convoy for more flood and less throw now i have this one… small floody torch in combination with this one would be good for all purposes…

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Izak teview

Torch is amazing and just what i needed

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Great security light

Just love this torch for it's size and throw. This is an outdoor light and needs at least 30 m+ to reach the sweet spot for the spotlight that it was designed for. This light is not for going out at night to inspect a dark garden, or do any close-up work, except maybe open-heart or brainsurgery (the spot it throws is blinding sharp!) For farmers or people in security, it is an excellent choice to keep in your pocket when you quickly need to town at night, or if you expect to work late and need to return home in the dark. The spot comes into it's own right after 150 m and further. I carry a Wuben 4200 lumen light when on securiry detail, but needed a thrower for further distances as the area we patrol includes bush that stretches about 600 m far. This torch simply works. With the extension tube it deilvers double the time of light than the small one that comes with it (which includes a battery).
The build quality is excellent and it is a beautiful torch as well. The front lens is made of thick glass that serves as a lens to concentrate the light in a spot.
The spot this torch throws is extremely sharp and as a tactical light, it will definitely blind the person if you throw it into his eyes. It would probably damage his retina, but then, that would sort out any future plans of such a person.
Thank your for the excellent service rendered by TorchSA!

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