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Firebird brand is well known among users who are interested in practical and compact EDC-knives

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Firebird brand is well known among users who are interested in practical and compact EDC-knives. A new model of the brand, F727S, ready to catch the sophisticated knife lovers interest. This is a folding item with a drop-point blade shape, a G10 handle and 440C steel grade. The total length of the knife is 18.4 centimeters, and the weight is 81 grams. This is a universal model, suitable for a variety of activities.

Description of the knife Firebird FB727S:

Firebird Trademark is known, perhaps, by everyone who is in awe of the miniature and practical EDC-models. These stylish and affordable knives have quickly won the favor of consumers. Chinese manufacturer Ganzo knows how to captivate sophisticated users. Masterfully embodying their ideas, they offer very inexpensive, reliable, accurate and designed models to the knife lovers. One of them is the new Firebird F727S.

The folding EDC-item created for active people needs. The shape of the product blade – drop-point is already familiar and well-known. The knives with a similar type of edge of the blade are characterized as universal. They are easy to chop and cut with, whereby they are used in a variety of life situations. The drop-point blade is especially effective for hunting activities. This implies the purpose of the model. It is suitable for all occasions – can be useful at home, and in the country, and on a hike, and on a picnic, and on fishing. The handle is ergonomic, with smooth wavy outlines.

The colors of the model are black, camouflage and gray. The creators took care of the taste of connoisseurs of dark colors, slightly diluting its original camouflage colors. The handle is made using a practical G10. Glass fiber plastic with gorgeous custom qualities: durable, wear-resistant, heat-resistant, can be easily dyed. Due to this material, the knife acquires protection from the effects of the environment, becoming truly trouble-free in any situation and conditions. Knives with G10 component are durable and easy to use. The slightly rough surface of the handle provides a more comfortable grip - the knife fits securely the palm of your hand, does not slip and does not move.

The edge of the blade of the model is made with the use of 440S steel. This steel grade is widely used as part of the brand knives. Its peculiarity is corrosion resistance and excellent strength. The hardness of the edge of the blade reaches about 58 units on the Rockwell scale. Another excellent indicator for products of this type the knives made of 440C steel grade are well amenable to sharpening. Even at home, they will be easy to handle.

The weight of the novelty is 81 grams; the total length is 18.4 centimeters. The edge of the blade length is 7.8 cm, blade thickness is 2.2 mm. Axis lock is used as a security mechanism. It helps to keep the edge of the blade both in open and closed position. The knife is complemented by a durable and tough metal clip, made of hardened stainless steel. It allows you to fix the knife on clothes or equipment. The blade has a smooth matte surface, resistant to scratches and scuffs.

Whom was the new product created for? For tourists, travelers, "survivalists", hunters and fishermen, all active people whose vacation takes place outside the house. The knife is small and light, convenient, as well as all Ganzo models, protected from negative influences, universal in use. It looks neat and stylish, does not require special care, functional and reliable item.


  • the foldable EDC-model;
  • the edge of the blade is made of 440C steel grade;
  • the handle is made of G10;
  • the item weight is 81 grams.
  • the total length of the knife is 18.4 centimeters;
  • the blade length is 7.8 cm;
  • the lock is of the Axis lock type;
  • the hardness is 58 units by the Rockwell scale;
  • the blade shape – drop-point;

Warranty: The manufacturers provide 1 year warranty for this model. 

Knife Type Folding
Lock Type Axis Lock
Blade Edge Plain
Blade Material 440С
Blade Color Gray
Handle Material G10
Handle Color Black, Camouflage, Gray
Total Length, mm 184
Blade Length, mm 78
Blade Thickness, mm 2.2
Knife Weight, g 81
Warranty 1 year

Now, the world-famous Chinese brand Ganzo was founded over 20 years ago in the city of Yangjiang, Guangdong Province. Then it was a small group of specialists who were really passionate about the idea to produce quality and affordable price knives.

The company began to grow rapidly, almost immediately after the release on the national market, since its products are of high quality. Now, the company has reached the status of a large international company. The product range is increased by multi-tools and sharpeners that ensure professional maintenance of the tools. Ganzo knives, multi-tools and sharpeners are very popular far beyond the borders of their country: The United States, Germany, Italy, Spain, France, and about three dozen countries.

Multi-tools are also designed so as to make convenient use of each of the instruments in the kit. A set of functionalities in different models may differ in number as well as in purpose, but among a wide range of tools each customer can choose the one that will fit his needs.

The same positive feedback from customers is given to Ganzo sharpeners, the range of which includes models for home use and those who are hiking-orientated, for both professionals and beginners. But the distinguishing feature of each model is its high efficiency.

Ganzo company received more than a hundred patents developing its own manufacturing methods and functional details. Products that should be certified according to international standards must undergo this procedure and, therefore, meet all the stringent requirements to comply with standards. Moreover, the use of high-quality equipment and a thorough quality control system, allows Ganzo to achieve excellent results. These facts are confirmed by a stable increase of popularity of Ganzo sharpeners, knives and multi-tools.

Unwavering quality combined with cost affordable for a wide range of customers – are the features of Ganzo multi-tools, knives and sharpeners.

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Fantastic EDC - always in my car

Just in case I forgot to pocket my EDC knife, the Ganzo FH81, this little beauty in carbon permanently resides in my vehicle. With carbon scales I have received many compliments for it and even knife collectors cannot believe what I paid for it. Good steel and excellent construction.

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