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Skyway LH61RGY17 Railway Light Expand

Skyway LH61RGW17 Railway Light




Portable railway signal light, some countries call it as signal torch, is not a big demanded product in the market, so they are not be frequently designed like the cell phone, a higher quality signal light even rarely to be found in the market.

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LH61RGW17---Portable   railway   red,   green,   white   signal   light   with   17LED   torch

LH61RGW17——Portable railway red, green, white signal light with 17 LED torch




     Portable railway signal light, some countries call it as signal torch, is not 

     a big demanded product in the market, so they are not be frequently 

     designed like the cell phone, a higher quality signal light even rarely to be 

     found in the market. The high quality portable railway signal light could be

     involved a high tech. with high cost, this is why quality hand signal light 

     could be hardly found not only in China even in the world through the 

  1.      Compare with traditional and obsolete “torch style” railway signal torch 

     with only 4 LED or 8 LED, our this amazing heavy duty “portable style” 

     product applied with total 78 LED matched 9,000 mAh large capacity

     battery which provides super brightness of signals:
     1.    Signal visible distance >300 meters during the day time and 

             > 3,000 meters at night;
     2.    The independent torch provides about 16 hours constant torch

             illumination with brightness readable at 20 meters away.

     Seeing and believing. It’s hard to judge the quality without the real 

     sample testing. If you are looking for the high quality portable railway red, 

     green and white signal light / torch, this one could be your right choice!

     If you work in railway department in charge of the signaling, safety or 

     purchasing, and you want to upgrade your signal light / torch for improving 

     safer work conditions, wherever you are, just give us a email that we may

     consider to send a sample to you in advance for your testing and you may

     compare with the signal lights are being using, it’ll tell you how the quality 

     of this product is.

     If you are relevant railway parts trader, we strongly recommend that you just 

     order one sample testing for your local users; your local users may be 

     more interested in to place the order from you for a small quantity.

     This product has been exporting many countries including: America, 

     Australia, Britain, Sweden, Swiss, Italy, Belgium, Ukraine, Botswana,

     Zambia and Malaysia since it launched in 2006.

     In 2014, has exported to Malaysia as auxiliary facilities with Chinese 

     Nanche locomotives.
     In 2013, has equipped by National Botswana Railway Company and ZRL.
     In 2011, through years of testing, the whole railway system of City Adelaide 

     has equipped with this product.




     Portable style designed         enlarged the light source area and add more 

                                                           LED to 78 pieces.
     Add an independent torch     provides torch light for equipment checking 

                                                           and walking.
     Dual light sources                    signal light and torch designed in one body, 

                                                           practical and convenient.
     61 LED super bright signals  provides bright signal visible distance over 

                                                           3,000 meters at night.
     17 LED bright torches             provides about 16h constant torch light with 

                                                           brightness readable at 20 meters away.
     Programmed CUP applied     completely control and protects the battery 

                                                           and light sources.
     Easy operation                          3 colored independent signal switch button 

                                                           shows the corresponding signal.
     Uncharged the brightness     permanent power supplied for signals and 

                                                           torch keeps brightness unchanged.
     Stability                                       programmed CUP applied to make the light 

                                                           rarely need to be repaired with water-free 

  1.      Durability                                    3 year warranty and real battery service life 

                                                           could be reached more than 6 years.
     Certificate                                  CE certificate is available with No. 

  1.      Main applications
         This portable hand signal light / torch is widely applied in the field of:
         ●    Railway locomotives signaling        

     ●    Depot hump shunting
     ●    Train make-up operation                  

     ●    Railway station inspection
     ●    Train speed control operation         

     ●    Train maintenance safe signaling
     ●    Subway and light rail signaling





     1.    Amazing convenient dual light sources of signal light and torch in one

             body designed.
     2.    3 COLORS SIGNAL LIGHT 61 super-bright LED signal light provides 

             international standard of the red, green and white railway hand signal

             with the signal visible stance >300 meters during the day time and

             >3,000 meters at night.
     3.    17 LED TORCH 17 super-bright 10mm white LED torch provides

             about 16 hours constant torch illumination with brightness 

             readable at 20 meters away.
     4.    The large capacity of 9,000mAh rechargeable Ni-MH battery adopted 

             for matching of total 78 LED.
     5.    3 colored signal switch button shows the corresponding signal and 

             signals shifting easily and promptly.
     6.    Removable light belt provided for convenience carry during the work.
     7.    12 V car charge available, and the car charge cable provided.
     8.    Real water-proof charge socket designed with IP degree 67 designed.
     9.    Safe works under extreme temperature conditions between -40C ~    

     10.  High cost of low temperature IC imported parts applied in the circuit.
     11.  Light shell made of Bayer PC material and anti-drop structure 

  1.      12.  The China railway qualification has certified by CRCC with registered 

     13.  The functions of programmed CPU as below:
             ●    Smart 6-stage pulse charge technology programmed applied.
             ●    Battery charging red LED indicates.
             ●    Battery fully charged green LED indicates.
             ●    Battery low power yellow LED indicates and buzzer sound 

  1.              ●    Battery over charge protected and auto fine current provides.
                 ●    Battery charging time is limited.
                 ●    Battery over discharge auto protected.
                 ●    Permanent power supplies for signal light source and torch light

  2.      Naming rules
         For example:  LH61RGW17
                                   LH                        structure code
                                   61                         61 LED for signal light source
                                   R                           red signal
                                   G                           green signal
                                   W                         white signal
                                   17                        with a 17 LED white light torch

         We also provide the following different color portable signal lights with 

     type as follows
     ●    LH61RGY17  Portable red, green and yellow signal light is for railway   

                                   and road safety, with signal flashing function.
     ●    LH61RB17    Portable red and blue strobe signal light is for road safety 

                                   and accident rescue.

Major Technical data






Type D Ni-MH battery, voltage/capacity

V / mAh

2.4 / 9,000

Average life




Switch power charger

input / output / power

V / V / mA

 100 ~ 260 / 15 / 800

Charge time

Charge time



Charge tech.

Multi-stage pulse charge



Power lose

Stand-by power lose from CPU



Light source


LED torch

The amount of 10mm LED / power

Pc / mA

17 / 340

Total lumen ( ≈ 54 lumen)

17 x 30,000

Constant illumination time



LED average life



Light source


LED signal

The amount of red LED / Total lumen

Pc / mcd

23 x 10,000

The amount of yellow LED/Total lumen

Pc / mcd

22 x 10,000

Constant red signal sending time / twinkle

h / h

16 / 30

Constant yellow signal sending time / twinkle

h / h

12 / 24

LED average life





IP degree

Degree of water, dust protecting




L x W x H


152 x 93 x 150


Net weight




     1.    The adapter of 220V or 110V                                                     1 pc

     2.    The light-reflect belt                                                                     1 pc

     3.    The car charge cable                                                                  1 pc

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